VSWR Mismatch Calculator  v.1.2.0

Program predicts VSWR-mismatch RF uncertainties. Predicts VSWR mismatch RF uncertainties. VSWR Mismatch Calculator process VSWR data. VSWR is a common specification in data sheets for RF devices, such as amplifiers, sources, and power meters.

Rohde & Schwarz dBCalculator  v.2.0

This application note is an extension to the application note 'dB or not dB?' and comes with a free of charge software tool. The R&S dB Calculator can be used to perform calculations related to decibel.

Electrist  v.1.34

For figuring everything electrical nothing else comes close.

SVCFilterDesign  v.2 11

SVCfilter™ is a program designed to expedite the design and analysis of lowpass (and highpass) filters with nearest 5% Standard-Value Components.

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